Sustainable Development Sustainable Development Overview

Sustainable Development Overview

Shui On Land (SOL) provides urban solutions that foster sustainable urban living, enhance local culture and create vibrant communities for cities in China.

We have invested in, developed and managed projects in China for many years. This has given us unique expertise in providing sustainable urban solutions. And we firmly believe that going forward, the need for sustainable development – and their value – will only increase.

Key to sustainable urban solutions is the shared Shui On Spirit of our dedicated colleagues. This includes a dedication to effective master planning, and to thinking creatively to design spaces which can be used in multiple ways. It requires a commitment to the generation of wonderful public places, to care for our history and culture and to environmental sustainability. These factors apply to all of our endeavours, from a 50-hectare multiphase community development to a single-block urban regeneration. Wherever we develop, these intentions remain.

Our company approaches sustainability with a comprehensive approach. From planning, design, to construction and operation, we strive to provide a sustainable lifestyle to our customers and users of our developments, as well as communities we serve. Beyond being green, we have also taken up health and wellness as part of our overall comprehensive approach.

In order to broaden our sustainable development goals, we have reviewed our strategies and have clarified and expanded their implementations within our company. In 2020, we will adopt a new 5C strategy: Clean, Culture, Community, Care and Corporate Governance. This is central to our new and enhanced commitment to sustainable development.

Key Achievements of the Group’s Sustainable Development

SOL achieved outstanding recognitions in 2019:

- World-class sustainable urban development solution provider: Our KIC development in Shanghai – transforming an old industrial area into a knowledge-based community – won the Urban Land Institute (ULI) Global Award for Excellence and the ULI Asia Pacific Award for Excellence. Our Foshan Lingnan Tiandi Development – for the preservation and integration of a historic district into a new development in a historic district – also won the ULI Global Award for Excellence and the ULI Asia Pacific Award for Excellence.

- Global-first WELL Community certification: The Shanghai Xintiandi Community became the world’s first WELL Community-certified project.

- Green building achievements:

♦ Ranked first among developers in mainland China in terms of total building area awarded LEED-ND Stage 2 Gold level Certification;

♦ Ranked first among developers in Shanghai in terms of projects awarded China Green Building Label (Operation) Certifications in 2019;

♦ Our total carbon emissions in 2019 represented a 31.58% decrease from our baseline year 2011.

- Our first green bondUnder the Shui On Land Green Finance Framework, we issued our first green bond in November 2019, with an issue size of US$ 300 million.

Sustainability Governance Structure

The Group’s sustainability governance structure has been revamped to facilitate effective implementation of the “5C” sustainability strategy. The Board of Directors – our highest governance body – has overall responsibility for our sustainable development efforts. The Sustainable Development Committee –consisting of selected company directors and heads of corporate-level departments – meets regularly to discuss and make decisions on sustainability goals. The Committee directly monitors and guides our overall sustainability performance. The responsibility for specific proposals and the implementation of specific goals at the operational level is delegated to five cross-departmental C Working Teams. Each team holds the KPIs of the goals, meets every month to drive implementation, and solves problems as they arise. KPIs are cascaded to relevant companies and departments for execution. Each team reports its progress and status to the Sustainable Development Committee on a regular basis, and provides consolidated reports for review by the Audit and Risk Committee and for submission to the Board of Directors.

The Sustainable Development Committee (SD Committee) has been established. The Terms of Reference of the SD Committee can be found here.

Sustainable Development Report

Shui On Land has issued Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report since 2014. In accordance with the Company’s Sustainable Development Strategy, the Report has been renamed to Sustainable Development Report from 2019.

We welcome your feedback on our sustainable development performance and reporting. You can contact us by email at

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