Sustainable Development Community


It is our ambition to create and shape communities that thrive today and for years to come. We want all our built communities to engage and inspire healthy, sustainable living. As such, we are committed to incorporating sustainable design elements that enhance liveability while also creating highly connected and accessible communities.

We achieve this by focussing on the wants and needs of our communities and embedding health and sustainability considerations into every aspect of our service offering. We cannot do this alone, so we also continually seek out ways to enhance partnerships and engagement across our value chain so that our entire industry can be elevated together.

Our priorities regarding Community include:

  • Embed health and sustainability into the community experience
  • Enhance partnerships and engagement
  • Strengthen an innovative and entrepreneurial ecosystem

2030 Targets

By 2030, we aim to:

  • - Make our community sustainability practices among the best in China
  • - Build strong partnerships and engagement programs with our stakeholders to inspire healthy, sustainable living
  • - Offer green leasing and adhere to sustainable procurement processes 100% of the time
  • - Enable 100+ start-ups and/or entrepreneurs from our community

In 2020, our highlights include:

  • - Over RMB13 million donated to local charities
  • - 545 new Mainland China suppliers
  • - 100% of new suppliers screened using environmental and social criteria
  • - Over 2,100 volunteer hours contributed
  • - 95% overall residential customer satisfaction rate

Signature initiatives in 2021 will be:

  • Enhance partnerships and engagement for thriving sustainable communities, starting with plant-based foods initiatives with F&B tenants and customer engagement


Tenants, community and the NGO of Roots & Shoots jointly were engaged in Hongqiao Tiandi to promote Sustainable lifestyle.