Sustainable Development Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

We believe that enshrining ESG oriented principles into business strategy makes a company more agile and better prepared to deal with sudden change, whether it be the flooding of major development sites or the immediate need for employees to work from 投资软件排行榜home.

We consider sustainability leadership at the Board and executive levels to be critical to integrating sustainability management and performance into our culture, processes, and business relationships. To ensure that we continually abide by the highest standards of corporate governance and business ethics, we have integrated them into daily operations to ensure our compliance and beyond. Our actions are also guided by our 2030 ambition – as set out in the 5C Strategy - which is to become a leader in corporate governance by nurturing a corporate culture of integrity, transparency, and accountability.

Our priorities regarding Corporate Governance include:

  • Embed sustainability
  • Strengthen emergency preparedness and align with business continuity
  • Steer the business with integrity

2030 Targets

By 2030, we aim to:

  • - Espouse the highest level of China’s standards for corporate governance practices 

Incorporate ESG-related risks into enterprise risk management

The ever-evolving landscape of ESG-related risks continues to have a significant impact on our business operations, and we have incorporated these risks into our corporate enterprise risk management (ERM) framework to better identify the full spectrum of ESG risks. As climate change presents various risks and opportunities for our business, and we are committed to identifying, assessing and managing these to support the resilience of our business, assets, communities, customers and people.

We have also put robust governance structures in place that ensure emerging and evolving ESG issues are well captured by both the SD Committee and ERM teams - from risk identification and assessment to communication and reporting and risk governance.  When needed, ESG issues are elevated to the Board’s agenda and under their leadership, we have effectively incorporated sustainability consideration into our long-term business strategy and daily actions.